Download Wild beasts – Belve feroci Full Movie | Wild beasts – Belve feroci Full Lenght Film In Dvd Format

Genres: Horror
Actors: Lorraine De Selle , John Aldrich , Ugo Bologna , Louisa Lloyd , John Stacy , Enzo Pezzu , Monica Nickel , Stefania Pinna , Simonetta Pinna , Alessandra Svampa , Frederico Volocia , Alessandro Freyberger , Tiziana Tannozzini , Gianfranco Principi
Director: Franco Prosperi
Country: Italy
Year: 1984
IMDB Rating: 5.3/10 (160 votes)

The water supply for a large city zoo becomes contaminated with PCP, and the animals go crazy and get loose. Written by Joe Arthur When PCP inexplicably gets into the water supply of a large zoo in Frankfurt, Germany, the zoo animals go crazy, break out of their cages, and go on a homicidal, nightime rampage through the city killing any person they come into contact with starting with sewer rats killing a number of paserbyes, then tigers, cheetahs, lions and even elephants joining in the killing. Zoo vetenarian Rupert Berner, his scientist girlfriend Laura, along with a local police officer, Inspector Braun, try to find a way to control the murderous animals and stop them before they decimate the entire city.

Film Review

There are not many films where you can see both an elephant stomp on a broad's head and an underage girl's ta-tas. In fact, I'm pretty sure there's only one–this one.And for that matter, I've only seen one other movie where a seeing eye dog tears a blind person to shreds and that's Fulci's The Beyond, and ya know what? If Fulci had any sense he would've put some cheetah car chase scenes in his films, or at the very least some boob-biting rats that are wantonly set aflame by the authorities.People who don't like to see bad things happen to animals and children will not find much to love in Wild Beasts. That said, I loved this stupid movie. I hate children and I find animals delicious and both are fun to abuse. My main gripe is that PCP (with which I've had much personal experience) is an animal tranquilizer and really wouldn't cause what happened in this movie, but science is stupid and exploitation is fun so screw it. Bring on the bugged ou…

Franco Prosperi must really get off on killing animals, between this and all the shockumentaries he’s done. This one’s got some great sequences (shot in Frankfurt-am-Main) but never lives up to its great premise. Filmed entirely at night, the direction is clumsy and only rarely suspenseful. It’s never boring or predictable but not terribly exciting or original, either. Though if you’ve waited all your life to see a naked woman get eaten by rats, here’s your chance.

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