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Genres: Romance , Comedy , Drama
Actors: Shirley MacLaine , Debra Winger , Jack Nicholson , Danny DeVito , Jeff Daniels , John Lithgow , Lisa Hart Carroll , Betty King , Huckleberry Fox , Troy Bishop , Shane Serwin , Megan Morris , Tara Yeakey , Norman Bennett , Jennifer Josey
Director: James L. Brooks
Country: United States
Year: 1983
IMDB Rating: 7.3/10 (25716 votes)

Aurora and Emma are mother and daughter who march to different drummers. Beginning with Emma’s marriage, Aurora shows how difficult and loving she can be. The movie covers several years of their lives as each finds different reasons to go on living and find joy. Aurora’s interludes with Garrett Breedlove, retired astronaut and next door neighbor are quite striking. In the end, different people show their love in very different ways.

Film Review

What made this movie so likable was the fact that it was so human. Nothing in this movie, which includes character interaction, the plot and the emotions of the characters could have happened in real life. So, in a way, you can relate to these characters. Especially since they are played by the great Shirley MacLaine, the fantastic Jack Nicholson, and the surprisingly well done performance by Debra Winger. Widowed Aurora Greenway only has her daughter to clutch on since she has no one else. But, when her daughter moves away, Aurora has to learn to live life, and she is put to the test when she meets her boozy, womanizing astronaut neighbor, Garret Breedlove (Jack Nicholson). Meanwhile, Emma (Debra Winger) is having marital problems with husband Flap. Throughout several years, the Greenway family must come together once more when Emma is faced with a life threatening situation. MacLaine and Winger give honest, true perfromances. Nicholson is probably the standout in this cast. the role…

It all comes down to what side you are on. Pro-Illegals and communism or following laws. That is what the whole movie is about. Pro-Illegals and Pro-communism. I'm tolerant on a lot of movies as I have over 1500 horror movies, but this one upset my stomach with the hatred of The United States. They just kept cramming it down your throat. If you hate America so bad then why not just leave. I went to watch a kick butt movie and all I got was political crap from the communist left. Enough is enough. We won't even get into the anti-god stance the movie takes or the racist crap it spews. I love Jack Nicholson, but he crossed the line on this one. People will say it's just a movie and that is like saying that Schindler's List was just a movie.

One of the more popular of many "women's pictures" released in the early 1980s ("Kramer vs Kramer", "Ordinary People", "Places in the Heart" etc), James Brooks' "Terms of Endearment" stars Debra Winger as Emma, a young woman who marries Flap, a university professor. The couple have 3 kids, early sexual attraction soon fades and Flap begins to have an affair. In response, Emma also takes a lover.At the time, "Endearment" was viewed as a step forward in the representation of the "modern woman"; strong, independent and self-reliant (see, no bras!). But that's not quite so. Confirmation of the couple's infidelity coincides with news that Emma has cancer, Emma symbolically punished for her sexuality. The parallels between illness and sexual irresponsibility is then extended such that the film's ultimate message is far more traditional: infidelity, straying from the traditional family, equates to …

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