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Genres: Documentary
Director: Billy Corben
Country: United States
Year: 2011
IMDB Rating: 5.8/10 (127 votes)

A colorful portrait of Miami’s pot smuggling scene of the 1970s, populated with redneck pirates, a ganja-smoking church, and the longest serving marijuana prisoner in American history.

Film Review

This review is from my blog ( and can also be seen at just rented and watched Square Grouper: The Godfathers of Ganja on I'd highly recommend this movie to anyone interested in a good story.Square Grouper (click here for the official website) has three different stories to tell: the DEA/FBI frame-up of "The Black Tuna Gang," the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church, and Everglades City.Everglades City, a quiet fishing town on the coast in Florida, turned to marijuana smuggling after the National Park Service phased out commercial fishing in the area. These average Americans, long accustomed to fishing, became the subject of an intense DEA investigation that resulted in the arrests of 80% of the town's male population.L.B. Turner, Everglades resident at the time, had this to say about the National Park Service: "Every time they figured out that we could make a living doing something, they put regulation…

I've been waiting to see "Square Grouper" since I first heard that Billy Corben (Cocaine Cowboys 1 & 2, Raw Deal) was directing the documentary. I became a Corben fan with "Cocaine Cowboys" and I've enjoyed all of his documentaries so far. What Corben does so well in his documentaries is that he infuses current footage and interviews from the actual people involved in the "crimes" with older archived footage and news broadcasts. These factors give his films such a realistic and edgy feel, not to mention authenticity provided by the first-hand sources including the "criminals", police, lawyers and FBI.Knowing Corben's style, I went in to this film expecting "Cocaine Cowboys" with marijuana. This film is different though. It presents three separate stories, all set in the state of Florida (naturally, being a Corben film). The main difference in "Square Grouper" is that the pace isn't as fast as "Co…

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