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Genres: Drama , History
Actors: John Turturro , Rob Morrow , Ralph Fiennes , Paul Scofield , David Paymer , Hank Azaria , Christopher McDonald , Johann Carlo , Elizabeth Wilson , Allan Rich , Mira Sorvino , George Martin , Paul Guilfoyle , Griffin Dunne , Michael Mantell
Director: Robert Redford
Country: United States
Year: 1994
IMDB Rating: 7.5/10 (37083 votes)

An idealistic young lawyer working for a Congressional subcommittee in the late 1950s discovers that TV quiz shows are being fixed. His investigation focuses on two contestants on the show “Twenty-One”: Herbert Stempel, a brash working-class Jew from Queens, and Charles Van Doren, the patrician scion of one of America’s leading literary families. Based on a true story.

Film Review

Quiz Show is a great movie. It is part morality tale and part character study, but most importantly, it is a showcase of outstanding performances by a top-notch cast.It is based on a true story, as told in a book written by Richard Goodwin, a congressional committee investigator who looked into allegations that a television quiz show, 21, was rigged. Rob Morrow plays Goodwin and delivers his best performance ever. He is not a leading man. But he is thoroughly believable as a gadfly with subpoena power.John Turturro and Ralph Fiennes are equally good as Herb Stempel and Charles Van Doren, respectively. Stempel is a long-running 21 champ who is booted off the show because viewer ratings are sagging. Van Doren, the heir apparent of one of America's preeminent intellectual families, is picked as his replacement. Herb is bitter and goes public with his allegations that the show is fixed. Enter Goodwin and his subpoenas.The supporting cast is excellent as well. David Paymer and Hank Az…

It is not just that we have been lied to, the film suggests; that the average schmuck plucked off the street, or even the photogenic all-American pillar of ethos that followed him, did not grasp the Dream with hard work or quick wits, but were rather the corporate stooges fashioned to con viewers. This is fine, Hollywood actors were groomed after all in the stardom that was meant, in one of many ways, to represent the plausibility of that Dream.But these people, so the story goes, conned viewers out of the reality of the frame; this is where it begins to really hurt. It is not that people expected television to be reality, a show was understood to be a product of fancy. But more, that people implicitly trusted their eyes to tell them what's what. Remember, all this was back in '57, and for the most part there wasn't even a New Wave to challenge erudite film-goers at Cannes or Venice about the artifice of the filmed image, much less the broad American audience sitting do…

The year is 1957, and everyone, it seems, is watching the popular TV game show, "Twenty-One." Contestants can stay on the show for weeks, earning then-astronomical sums of money and becoming household names. Such was the case for Herbert Stemple (John Turturro), a buck-toothed, blue-collar guy who raked in the money. Little did the public know that the show was entirely scripted and that Herb was told the answers in advance. When Charles Van Doren (Ralph Fiennes) a bright, attractive college instructor came on the show, the producers decided it was time for Herb to lose; he did and Van Doren became the biggest thing on television, even making the cover of Time Magazine. But he and the show were no match for Congressional watchdog Dick Goodwin (Rob Morrow) who exposed the show for the fraud that it was.I was really surprised at how exciting this movie was. It's got humor and drama and is filled with tension. Fiennes portrays Van Doren as a witty, charming Connecticut Yan…

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