Download LSD: Love, Sex Aur Dhokha Full Movie | Download LSD: Love, Sex Aur Dhokha Movie In Ipod Quality

Genres: Drama , Crime , Comedy
Actors: Sunny Baweja , Shikha Arora , Rohit Arora , Deepak Arora , Ansh , Anna , Parimal Alok , Herry Tangri , Amit Sial , Arya Banerjee , Raj Kumar Yadav , Neha Chauhan , Priyanka Bose , Anshuman Jha , Nushrat Bharucha
Director: Dibakar Banerjee
Country: India
Year: 2010
IMDB Rating: 7.0/10 (2648 votes)

LSD explores the human emotions of love, sex & betrayal through very candid points of view. Told through the chaos of the camera that has invaded all our lives – through handy cams filming home movies, security cameras shooting every inch of existence, mobile phones transmitting love messages, sting cameras uncovering uncomfortable truths.

Film Review

i rarely watch Hindi movies nowadays cuz of crap like houseful, kambakht ishq, (u get my point)etc…. when i saw this movie on DVD a few days back i dint even know that it was by dibakar banerjee. so i guess i dint have any extraordinary expectations, but this movie was just fabulous!! it wasn't just cheap humour or sex being thrown around a lot. the more serious side to the characters was shown quite well, and the acting! oh boy! nobody can point a finger towards these actors and say they dint act well. i believe this is the most of em. n the only reason why they might not become popular is cuz they don't look so pretty…all in all, a full 10/10 from my side. rarely do we get to watch such masterpieces!

When i purchased the tickets of this movie, i knew i would be watching something different. And of course its Dibakar Banarjee.. I remembered the time when I had no option of watching any big movie on theater, my friends forced me to watch Khosla Ka Ghosla. I fell in love with the cinema of Dibakar right after.Love, Sex aur Dhoka is the most riveting Hindi film in recent memory. It's one of those films that grab your attention the moment you've settled into your seat, and it doesn't let go till the very end. It's provocative, it's unsettling and occasionally disturbing too. But not for one minute in its roughly 108-minute running time does it allow you to so much as tilt your head down to look at your watch or your mobile phone.I remember watching slasher scenes in many Hollywood movies but none of them scared me. But a scene from this move did scare me a bit. Dibakar made you fall in love with the cuteness of first story of this movie. You know the characters…

This may not be a masterpiece…or a flawless classic … But it definitely shows the brave and passionate approach of Dibakar Banerjee towards cinema…First let us say.. its a zero fun movie… but really sensational… Don't expect conventional b-wood masala or even a parallel Dev D…. LSD is offbeat to the maximum….The novel idea of using spy cams, cc cams etc for capturing life with the breath of realism is innovative. Even better was the selection of this mode of cinematography to show the voyeuristic Indian who considers sex as a taboo in daylight and intrudes with no shame to others' privacy……Movie has three segments.. The first one was the best of the lot.. It dealt with the hot issue of honour killings and the dark barbaric casteist violence underlying in the traditional Indian mindset.. Dibakar said in an interview that he has nothing against the censor board in blurring the nude scene of the movie (pls don't go 4 the movie expecting this) but cutting …

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