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Genres: Comedy
Actors: Seann William Scott , Carrie Fisher , George Carlin , Judd Nelson , Jason Lee , Will Ferrell , Jennifer Schwalbach Smith , Ali Larter , Eliza Dushku , Shannon Elizabeth , Brian O’Halloran , Jeff Anderson , Ben Affleck , Kevin Smith , Jason Mewes
Director: Kevin Smith
Country: United States
Year: 2001
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 (95058 votes)

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is a tale of adventure on the open road. When Dante and Randal (of Clerks fame) get a restraining order to keep the punchy Jay and his hetero life-mate, Silent Bob, from selling drugs in front of the Quick Stop convenience store, their lives are suddenly empty. They find new purpose when their friend, Brodie, informs them a movie is being made featuring two infamous characters based on their likenesses. After visiting one of the creators of the Bluntman and Chronic, Holden McNeil, they set out to get what fat movie cash they deserve and hopefully put an end to people slandering them on the Internet. Along the way, they learn the rules of the road from a hitchhiking George Carlin, ride with a group of gorgeous jewel thieves, and incur the wrath of a hapless wildlife marshal for liberating an orangutan named Suzanne. The quest takes them from New Jersey to Hollywood where a showdown involving the police, the jewel thieves, and the Bluntman and Chronic filmmakers will decide the fate of Suzanne, Jay, Silent Bob, and their good names.

Film Review

If you have to give Kevin Smith one thing it is that he with his movies has proved that everybody can be a successful indie director when really putting your mind to it and throwing yourself into the field. He is a real great inspiration and somewhat of a role model for aspiring young new film-makers. It's definitely impressive to see what he has achieved already so far but that just doesn't make me a fan of his work as well.With this movie, Kevin Smith is doing what he knows best; being a geek and being proud of it. He makes lots of geek references in this movie, both with movies and comics. It's however one thing to make references, it's a totally different thing to be clever, original and funny with it. In this movie he has some hits and misses with that but overall the movie is being far too simplistic with its story.The humor of the movie is mostly very immature (yes, there are even fart jokes in it) and this movie is obviously not one to take serious, since i…

Being a huge fan of Kevin Smith since discovering his hilarious Smodcast, I had high expectations coming into this film. However, I was initially put off by Silent Bob's cartoonish stylised character. As the film continued however, I felt better connected to Silent Bob and alienated from Jay. Ridiculous as the story may be, its direction accepts this and often pokes fun at the viewer for watching such 'trash.' This helps viewers assimilate to te film and adds a new dimension to its linear narrative. One of the greatest attributes in the film is the number of fantastic cameoes throughout the film, including Chris Rock, Jon Stewart, Jason Lee, Seann William Scott and Ben Affleck. Although all of these characters receive limited screen time, their inclusion brings an extra life and extra level of humour to the film.Highly underrated as a film, its unique sense of humour makes for an enjoyable viewing experience. Having not watched any of the other Jersey film series, I will n…

"You have a sick and twisted world perspective." – Brent When compared to other stoner/slacker comedies, Kevin Smith's "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" is some kind of masterpiece; a shameless parade of gay, dick, fart, poop and sex jokes, wrapped up in some light satire and lovingly packaged for stoners, slackers, pot-heads, teens and children of the 1980s. You know who you are.Our heroes are Jay (played by Jason Mewes, a real life stoner), an archetypal pot-head moulded after Sean Penn's character in "Fast Times at Richmond High", and Silent Bob, his chubby hetero life-mate. Our duo get into crazy adventures, run into equally odd characters, and of course eventually emerge victorious. Smith satirizes his Miramax financiers (via many Ben Affleck and Matt Damon jokes), Hollywood conventions (a monkey subplot pokes fun at Hollywood market researchers and dumb "Going to Hollywood" parables), treats his geeky audience to much female eye-c…

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