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Genres: Comedy , Short
Actors: Curly Howard , Larry Fine , Moe Howard , Duke York , Christine McIntyre , Vernon Dent
Director: Del Lord
Country: United States
Year: 1943
IMDB Rating: 7.5/10 (171 votes)

The stooges are working as bellboys in a large hotel when a side show promoter shows up with ‘Lupe’, a wild wolfman who promptly escapes. The stooges try to capture the wolfman by playing music to calm him, but music makes the wolfman go berserk and soon the stooges are the ones trying to run away. The boys end up caught in an elevator with the wolfman who shoots them into the sky.

Film Review

This was made right before Curly’s health started to fail.There are several very good moments:*The "flying" radio. *Curly blowing on a trombone, trying to soothe the beast, only to make it angrier. An entire band sound comes out of the horn. *The wolfman hurling the trombone at Curly. The instrument gets bent around Curly’s head from the impact. *Curly and Moe hiding from the wolfman, then getting spooked by some little lap dog. *Curly and the wolfman at the broken mirror. *The Stooges and Lupe flying out of the elevator shaft at the movies’ climax.Overall, typical solid effort from Del Lord and the boys.Seven out of ten.

This Three Stooges short took a while to get moving, as the main plot didn't appear until almost halfway through the film. The boys are bellhops at a nice hotel and during the initial portion of the film they all try to outdo each other when it comes to helping guests. Then, completely out of the blue, one of the guests explains that he's got a wild man (looking much like a wolf-man) in a cage in his room(?) and that the monster is pretty nice as long as he doesn't hear music–then he becomes a savage! Talk about a contrived and ridiculous plot even for a Three Stooges short! Well, quite predictably the monster gets out and hears music and spends the last half of the film chasing the boys around the hotel–leading up to a pretty lame conclusion–especially in regard to special effects.Overall, this is a time-passer and not among one of the better films of Moe, Curly and Larry.

The Three Stooges has always been some of the many actors that I have loved. I love just about every one of the shorts that they have made. I love all six of the Stooges (Curly, Shemp, Moe, Larry, Joe, and Curly Joe)! All of the shorts are hilarious and also star many other great actors and actresses which a lot of them was in many of the shorts! In My opinion The Three Stooges is some of the greatest actors ever and is the all time funniest comedy team! This Three Stooges short is one of My favorites of all! The Stooges are really funny here and Vernon Dent and Christine McIntyre are very good here as well. Duke York was very good as the wolf man and he was funny in some scenes as well. This Three Stooges short is a great one to watch around Halloween time!

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