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Genres: Horror , Mystery , Thriller
Actors: Glenn Corbett , Patricia Breslin , Eugenie Leontovich , Alan Bunce , Richard Rust , James Westerfield , Gilbert Green , Joan Marshall
Director: William Castle
Country: United States
Year: 1961
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 (1289 votes)

The story centers around a murderous scheme to collect a rich inheritance. The object of murder is Miriam Webster, who is to share in the inheritance with her half brother Warren, who lives with his childhood guardian Helga in the mansion where Warren and Mariam grew up. Confined to a wheelchair after recently suffering a stroke, Helga is cared for by her nurse Emily, a strange young woman who has formed a close bond with Warren.

Film Review

The first 10-minutes are riveting— the sexy blonde pays the bellboy mucho bucks to marry her when most guys would do it for nothing, and then…! So what the heck's going on with the bride and with the old gal who can only communicate like a woodpecker. The trouble is that the middle kind of sags, but then its got a gimmick to artfully protect. Still the big Fright Climax is pretty good for 1960. Movie benefits greatly from Joan Marshall's intimidating Emily, on which the plot really turns. Then there's brother Warren, a most unusual presence for macho Hollywood. And I admit to a big crush on the kewpie-doll Pat Breslin (Miriam). She and Glenn Corbett (Karl) make a good low-key couple, without crowding out the plot. The movie also helped put California's quaint Danish-American Solvang on the tourist map, though probably not the way the town wanted.I doubt that the gimmick fools as many people now as it did during those more conventional times. Still, it&#x2…

I know that you probably have no idea who Snub Pollard was, but I was excited when I saw him near the beginning of HOMICIDAL. In the hotel, there are two bellhops–the old one is silent film star Pollard. Pollard was an Australian who appeared with many big stars (most notably, Harold Lloyd) and also starred in his own short films. While practically unknown today, such wonderful films as IT'S A GIFT (I am not referring to the W.C. Fields version but an earlier film) are true classics. Here, in the tiniest role, is an actor you'd never expect to see in a slasher film! The film begins with a lady checking in and asking the young bellboy to marry her–and then have the marriage immediately annulled. He has no idea why, but she agrees to pay him handsomely. Oddly, he doesn't seem curious as to why she has such a strange request. I won't tell you what happens next, as it would spoil the suspense–and this IS a suspense film. Suffice to say, it's a pretty unexpected…

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