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Genres: Romance , Comedy
Actors: Barbara Carroll , Roxanne Perry , Bill Gerber , Stephanie Roth Haberle , Douglas McGrath , Mark Rydell , Neal Huff , Debra Messing , Woody Allen , Treat Williams , George Hamilton , Gregg Edelman , Ivan Martin , Bob Dorian , Téa Leoni
Director: Woody Allen
Country: United States
Year: 2002
IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 (15020 votes)

Val Waxman is a film director who was once big in the 1970’s and 1980’s, but has now has been reduced to directing TV commercials. Finally, he gets an offer to make a big film. But, disaster strikes, when Val goes temporarily blind, due to paranoia. So, he and a few friends, try to cover up his disability, without the studio executives or the producers knowing that he is directing the film blind.

Film Review

i was not expecting to enjoy this film because everyone i have ever asked what they think of Woody Allens films, has saif that they hate them!Until i saw this, the only other Allen film i have seen is Whatever Works (2009).. Which i only watched because it starred Larry David… And i didn't really pay much attention to the film so much as i was focused more on Larry's performance.So i sat down to watch Hollywood Ending just to see why everyone seems to be so "Anti- Allen"Anyway, long story short = i loved it!Great story, shown in an interesting way. I love the warm lighting and the long takes.I wasn't a fan of the score, but hey.. you can't have everything!But i am glad i watched it, and i look forward to watching more of Allens films in the near future.

A pretty weak one-note joke film from Woody Allen during a period where he made a string of some of his most mediocre movies. It's not as bad as the following year's woeful "Anything Else," perhaps the very worst film he's ever made, but it's close.Allen plays a Hollywood director who's struck with a case of temporary blindness. You can imagine the kinds of jokes that ensue. Allen's reliance on vaudevillian humor had stopped being charming by this point and was just anachronistic. But no worries — two years later he would experience a creative reboot and give us "Match Point," one of his best films and enough to erase movies like "Hollywood Ending" from our memories.Grade: C-

While watching 'Hollywood Ending', I re-confirmed the fact that there is, there was and there will be only one Woody Allen. The Legendary Film Personality seems to be having a blast in this Funny Flick about a Has-Been Filmmaker who decides to direct a film for his ex, but a psychosomatic ailment strikes him blind just before production is set to begin.! 'Hollywood Ending' is meant for all, it's funny and way to Filmy. Allen is like never-before! He's astounding after he turns blind, he captures the show and like how! I am in awe of him. He can Write, Direct and Act, with such style, such ease and such understanding! He's one of those talents that remain as Legends till you watch Cinema! Watch 'Hollywood Ending' for Woody Allen, he sinks his teeth into the departments he puts himself into. Reccmended to all!

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