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Genres: Western
Actors: Randolph Scott , Jane Wyatt , J. Carrol Naish , Victor Jory , Nancy Olson , Robert Barrat , Walter Sande , Grandon Rhodes , Don Haggerty , John Parrish , Mary Kent , John Hamilton , Howard Negley
Director: Edwin L. Marin
Country: United States
Year: 1949
IMDB Rating: 5.8/10 (175 votes)

After finding a vital pass through the Canadian Rockies for the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway, Tom Andrews tells his boss Cornelius Van Horne that he is resigning to marry the girl he loves, Cecille Gautier. From Cecille, Tom learns that fur trader Dirk Rourke fears the coming of the railroad because it threatens his hold on the Indians and other trappers. Tom and Rorke have a bitter fight over Cecille, and Tom asks her to wait for him, as he has to go back and finish his job with the railroad. Aided by Dynamite Dawson, Tom finds evidence of Rourke’s work against the railroad construction and almost loses his life when Rourke fires into some crates of dynamite Tom is unloading. The construction camp’s doctor, Edith Cabot, gives her own blood in a transfusion to save Tom’s life. Cecille, realizing that her father is working with Rourke against the railroad,rides off to warn Tom. Rourke intercepts her and tells her that Tom is in love with the lady doctor, but she bullwhips him and gallops off. Written by Les Adams Tom Andrews is a surveyor and railway construction boss working on laying the Canadian Pacific Railway across Western Canada and through the Rocky Mountains to British Columbia. He’s found a pass through the Rockies and the work is continuing though not everyone thinks the railway is a good idea. Among those who are against the building of the CPR is Dirk Rourke, who runs a number of trading posts that will no longer be needed once civilization comes to the West. Rourke’s confederates are steeling dynamite and are slowing down construction by blasting away at every opportunity. Tom is engaged to a pretty Métis girl, Cecile, whose father is working with O’Rourke., but he’s become attracted to the new female doctor, Edith Cabot, who’s arrived with the hospital car. The final part of O’Rourke’s plan is to stir up the local Indians to keep the railway from being finished.

Film Review

I found this movie starring Randolph Scott, Jane Wyatt and Vidtory Jory (I) quite funny and entertaining at times but it seems that no research had been done. Randolph Scott was as always a pleasure to watch.It was an unusual western film about the planning and building of the Canadian Pacific railroad from the east of the USA to the west.I’m a fan of almost all older western movies. They might not always be the most politically correct ones of course, but I like the way they were being filmed and even though many Scott productions are in black and white they are almost always interesting.This isn’t the best of his exactly but it’s alright.

A cowboy and Indian movie of a different type. The peoples of Canada have already fought the Indians and the winning spoils amount to land…lots of land. Tom Andrews(Randolph Scott) is the surveyor and "go to man" in case of troubles for the Canadian Pacific Railroad. Greedy locals try their best to stall the railroads completion by stealing dynamite. When they become more aggressive, they sell the explosives to the Indians and turn around blaming them for blowing up the rails. Maybe causing an Indian uprising will stop the railroad. Andrews gets blown up with a wagon full of explosives and is saved by a transfusion from Dr. Edith Cabot(Jane Wyatt), who will be vying for his affection with Nancy Olson playing the sister of one of the angry locals(Victor Jory).Filmed mostly on different Canadian National Parks and on Indian Reserve land, this movie was not exactly a box office smash; but Scott fans were satisfied and even put up with the lousy attempt at early color. Also st…

This Canadian western is filmed in Cinecolor, an early and not very effective attempt at colour.Randolph Scott is a surveyor for the railway and the locals attempt to stop the railway by stirring the Red Indians.Already with a fiancé, a keen and ripe local, Scott shacks up with a doctor working on the line. She gives him her blood after an incident, fortunately the same type as he lives rather than dying in screaming agony.But she's a dud, cos her fancy university learnin' has taught her to hate fightin' and shootin'.

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