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Genres: Mystery , Thriller
Actors: Steve Zahn , Timothy Olyphant , Milla Jovovich , Kiele Sanchez , Marley Shelton , Chris Hemsworth , Anthony Ruivivar , Dale Dickey , Peter Navy Tuiasosopo , Wendy Braun , Jim Cruz , Angela Sun , Leandra Gillis , Amit Yogev , Carlos Alberto Lopez
Director: David Twohy
Country: United States
Year: 2009
IMDB Rating: 6.5/10 (37716 votes)

For their honeymoon, newlyweds Cliff and Cydney head to the tropical islands of Hawaii. While journeying through the paradisaical countryside the couple encounters Kale and Cleo, two disgruntled hitchhikers and Nick and Gina, two wild but well-meaning spirits who help guide them through the lush jungles. The picturesque waterfalls and scenic mountainsides quickly give way to terror when Cliff and Cydney learn of a grisly murder that occurred nearby and realize that they’re being followed by chance acquaintances that suspiciously fit the description of the killers.

Film Review

This is the worst film i've seen this year and certainly in a long time.The plot is hopeless.The acting is beyond poor.The "twist" is cringeworthy.I can't believe good money was spent making this waste of time.The scenery is amazing (it's not Hawaii BTW). All I can imagine is that the producer, director etc wanted a nice holiday.The result is an unexciting plod through over 90 minutes.There are surprisingly several "positive" reviews referring to this film. Not sure how someone could enjoy this.To sum it up ….. Pond life is more interesting!Clear out your garage, basement, cupboards, drawers instead.

This was a great little find! I suggest you give this DVD a try. "A Perfect Getaway" will leave you guessing "whodunit" pretty much all the way through, although it might have used a small sleight of hand one or two times to accomplish it. Nothing too critical or "cheating" but it was effective and made this a must see suspenseful thriller.This movie has the perfect blend of mystery and edginess. Then you throw in really interesting characters and you literally will be trying to guess who are the bad guys right from the beginning.The acting in this film was really the nicest surprise. In order to pull off this story everyone had to be spot on. They did not disappoint. The directing was also very well done. Nothing fancy really, just excellent continuity and timing. The way the director (David Twohy ) followed his characters and led the viewers together down this trail of suspense was just excellent. The tension during the whole film never let up except fo…

I loved this story. The genre is mystery/thriller, driven by excellent acting (Timothy Olyphant BRINGS IT!) and beautiful scenery. I was lucky enough to watch this without knowing anything about it – and from the title I thought it would be another one of those Hollywood heist movies with the usual suspects robbing diamonds or a bank. I was way off. (It's a mystery/crime movie.) The rating doesn't do it justice, although I can see how some viewers may have felt the ending to be a bit on the commercial side. Great cinematography, stylish acting, suspenseful… – you're in for one awesome getaway! I rated eight stars out of ten but I am really leaning towards eight and a half.

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