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Genres: Comedy , Horror
Actors: Rory Calhoun , Paul Linke , Nancy Parsons , Nina Axelrod , Wolfman Jack , Elaine Joyce , Dick Curtis , Monique St. Pierre , Rosanne Katon , E. Hampton Beagle , Everett Creach , Michael Melvin , John Ratzenberger , Marc Silver , Victoria Hartman
Director: Kevin Connor
Country: United States
Year: 1980
IMDB Rating: 5.9/10 (4192 votes)

Farmer Vincent kidnaps unsuspecting travellers and is burying them in his garden. Unfortunately for his victims, they are not dead. He feeds his victims to prepare them for his roadside stand. His motto is: It takes all kinds of critters…to make Farmer Vincents fritters. The movie is gory, but is also a parody of slasher movies like Last House on the Left.

Film Review

This movie stars Rory Calhoun and other people less famous than Rory Calhoun. This alone should let you know this is strictly a grade B flick, if the title and cover art don't. The movie centers around Rory playing a farmer named Vincent. Vincent also runs a hotel with his brick wall of a sister, Ida. She is terrific in her role as a freaky fat weirdo. The plot of the movie is fairly standard: man uses bear traps to cause car crashes, then plants the live bodies of the victims in a garden and grows them for food. This mundane existence is complicated by the arrival of a car crash victim that Vincent takes a shine to, which leads to scary new places (for Vincent; for normal people, not so much). This is a good B-movie. It's interesting, the acting is pretty good, it has some funny parts, and it's a little creepy. If you like B-movies or Rory Calhoun, you can't go wrong with Motel Hell.

Another cheaply budgeted early '80's comedy/horror concoction, designed for a bizarre balance of gross outs and laughs. This time a psycho farmer captures victims at a remote highway motel, and then plants them in the ground, with the plan of using them as ingredients for food he distributes. Yeah: that's the plot.With a completely brainless script and actors just having some fun, this movie has some comedic moments. I love how the victims planted in the ground do nothing but bob their heads around, or make gargling noises. The bags over the heads, and the plant-feeding devices are a laugh riot. Everything is predictable; you know who the victims (always moronic and bizarre) are long before Farmer Vincent chooses them. The dumb sheriff who doesn't know about stuff going on right under his nose cliché is used, of course. Vincent and his sister have to be two of the campiest psycho villains ever. Cheesy dialog, cheesy acting, cheese everywhere, in fact. And gee, c…

The tag line of farmer Vincent's Meats is "it takes all kind of critters to make Farmer Vincent fritters" kind of tell you where this is going. Amusing Grand Guignol style tale about Farmer Vincent who is famous for his meats. He lives with his sister and things are going along fine until they take in a homeless girl and things begin to spin out of control.Dark horror comedy tale is quite good in a tales from the crypt sort of way. It well acted which helps sell the nonsense that is going on on screen. The film also has several iconic images particularly the image of a man with a chainsaw wearing a pigs head. Its the sort of thing that once seen isn't easily forgotten. It also helps that the image is the beginning of a fight with chainsaws (one of the first times it happened I think). While gory its not as gory as things get today, it will cause you to wince. It will also cause you to laugh uneasily. Say what you will this film has stayed with me for all of the 30 …

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