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Genres: Comedy , Short
Actors: Curly Howard , Larry Fine , Moe Howard
Director: Jules White
Country: United States
Year: 1941
IMDB Rating: 8.1/10 (229 votes)

A follow up to “You Nazty Spy”, the stooges have taken over the country of Moronica. Moe is Hailstone the Dictator, Curly is a Field Marshal and Larry is Minister of Propaganda. The stooges are planning with their allies to conquer the world, which mainly consists of fighting over a globe. The former king’s daughter gets into their headquarters and plants a bomb which Curly detonates. All ends well as the king regains control of the country and the stooges wind up as trophies on the wall.

Film Review

This is an excellent sequel to "You Nazty Spy". Moe proves that he is the ultimate imitator of the little sign painter and the other actors in who played the caricatures of "Il Dulce" Mussolini, Hirohito and Stalin did wonderful jobs themselves. Also, John "Tiny" Lipson (King Vultan from the original Flash Gordon serial) does a great job of playing the Bay of Rum. Check out where he tries to teach Curly how to smoke a hookah.

This is perhaps the funniest of all Stooges shorts, with many great scenes and gags. I have seen every one of the Stooges' shorts several times, and this has long been my favorite one. I also feel that Moe was the only impressionist to grasp the full severity of the world's most nefarious despot, which, years later, reveal just how extremely well informed, as well as accurate and highly intelligent Moe was. (I have often stated to my wife that I found Moe to be the funniest of the trio.) There are several notable scenes with adult humor content. In one scene, Gilda, the daughter of the deposed king, plans to place a loaded pool ball on the Stooges' pool table and tells Mr. Umpchay that when she gets through with Hailstone, "he won't know which end his axis is standing on", coming dangerously close to limits The National Board Of Review were imposing at the time. (My feeling is, that the Board probably had some reviewers who were adamantly opposed to Hitle…

Technically, this is a sequel to the 1940 masterpiece "You Nazty Spy" where Moe, Larry and Curly are heads of a country (parodied after Germany) called Moronica. Here, they return, with the dead on impressions still funny, yet chilling. Great gags, but I also laughed at the names on the map of Starvania (Great Mitten, Yom Kippers, Jug ‘O’ Slavia). Great fun, with the stooges being hilarious as always. Not as good as part 1, but plenty of laughs still around. A+

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