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Genres: Comedy , Musical
Actors: Walter Pidgeon , José Iturbi , Roddy McDowall , Ilona Massey , Xavier Cugat , Jane Powell , Hugo Haas , Mikhail Rasumny , Helene Stanley , William ‘Bill’ Phillips , Amparo Iturbi , Tonia Hero , Teresa Hero
Director: George Sidney
Country: United States
Year: 1946
IMDB Rating: 6.0/10 (172 votes)


Film Review

This is basically a bad movie, one in which the sum of the parts is definitely less than the parts themselves. It throws together without ever fusing them into one coherent whole 1) José Iturbi, who plays a Hollywood version of Rachmaninoff's Second Concerto for piano and Chopin's Military Polonaise, 2) Xavier Cougat and his orchestra doing what they did, 3) Ilona Massey being very beautiful and singing into the bargain, and 4) Jane Powell. Powell evidently couldn't act – though this script doesn't really provide any opportunity to do so – but she could sing light classical music, and in this movie she was given music to sing that really showed off her voice (Bizet's Les filles de Cadiz, Herbert's Italian Street Song, etc.). It serves as something of an explanation of what went wrong subsequently, when MGM and then RKO put Powell into movies where she was asked to sing the popular music of the era. She never sounded particularly at ease with the popular …

I could never understood why Ilona Massey didn't make it big as some other stars of that era…The closeup of her in technicolor singing "You, so its you"..was mesmerizing. ..outstanding blond beauty. The beauty mark, even sexier…I read where in her starlet days, MGM roomed her with another unknown beauty, a brunette, you have heard of her…Hedy lamarr. Both, trying to learn English in order to succeed in American movies…well Hedy won, hands down, and deservedly so. BTW, the irony of this statement, is that Hedy was originally set to play the part that Ilona got in this movie. In those days, Hedy was known to turn down parts that just wanted to accentuate her beauty, and she wisely turned this down. Ilona was then cast opposite MGM's king baritone, Nelson Eddy in "Balalaika", which was a flop…and MGM lost interest in her and ended her contract…Results? Her next movie was in Universal's horror movies, mainly because of her accent..What a sham…

This is story of Walter Pidgeon the father, Jane Powell the daughter, and Roddy Mcdowall the boy after Jane. I love all three actors, but something is missing from this film. All three players take a Holiday in Mexico. Roddy Mcdowall is excellent and steals the film. He loves Jane Powell, but Jane is more interested in Jose Iturbi. Walter Pidgeon finds an old love from his past which causes Jane to be jealous. Every scene Roddy has is a delight, but many of the other scenes drag on too long. Walter and Jose talk about her crush and work out a plan to cure her crush. Walter has a real good scene with Jane in the end to help her get over her embarrassment for loving such an older man.

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