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Genres: Adventure , Comedy , Family
Actors: Lea Thompson , Wendie Malick , Hunter Allan , Eric Lutes , Richard Sellers , Abigail Victor , Ryan Bradley Norris , Amy Pietz , Andrew Lauer , Jordan Reynolds , Shawn Prince , Sam Webb , Ryil Adamson , Dylan Adamson , Gavin Gillette
Director: Andrew Lauer
Country: United States
Year: 2010
IMDB Rating: 3.1/10 (295 votes)

Branded as a ‘nerd’ and harassed by the school bully, 12-year-old Arthur is rescued by a magical troll who knows that the boy unwittingly holds the secret to defeat an evil dragon. Arthur’s loving mom, struggling to keep her devious ex-husband from gaining custody of Arthur, dismisses her son’s ‘fantasies’ until she realizes the all-too-real immediate danger and joins forces with Arthur, the troll, and a dashing but washed up video-game master. Together, they hope to conquer the dragon and the wicked vice-principal who threaten civilization.

Film Review

This movie is cute and charming. It seems younger kids will almost always like it. Adult reaction is obviously mixed. Our two younger kids, ages 6 & 9 loved it. Two others kids that saw it with us, ages 10 and 13 thought it was good but were not as excited about it as the younger ones. None of them were too scared during any of the more intense parts.Keep in mind, this is a very low budget movie. For instance, I know there are over 250 visual effects shots (many of which are invisible) They were all done very quickly within 3 months time by two guys for about the price of your average minivan. What was Avatar's effects budget?

I had high expectations for this film, the blurb seemed interesting enough and I'm a big fan of fantasy, and with it being a recent film, I felt that maybe it would have something to brag about. How disappointed I was. Being a fan of kids films, I'm used to them having at least a lick of sense, but the plot, although an interesting idea, I think could have been pulled of in a much more interesting and dramatic fashion. The acting was poor, the dialog corny, the effects random and almost to the point of annoying, the graphics left me cringing and I could barely watch it at all. It left little to no surprises with the overdone clichés and little character development, the most believable character I found was to be Laura (Lea Thompson) and a lot of things simply did not fit. A 13 year old being fully capable of driving a car? A principle kidnapping people and then trying to feed said people to a dragon and ending up as a janitor? If she actually HAD Darksmoke, why not sim…

Where do we even begin? For starters the computer generated dragons didn't even touch the ground of the scene. We're pretty sure the potions were Gatorade. What is a "Carpet Emergency??????" Couldn't they have found a better costume for the troll? I mean really, to make him have three fingers, they just taped together the actor's center two and wrapped the double fingers in blue tape! We're pretty sure that his makeup was done by a clown company and given the fact that they fired the troll designer just prior to filming, maybe a clown was the only replacement they could get! And those black burned bits? Normally they wouldn't move like jello when touched. And by the way, since when does a group of 12 year olds count as being TEENagers???????? The one positive? We laughed like crazy at the STUPIDITY of this movie. We can't think of a movie that we've thought was more stupid than this one. Even Space Jam gets a higher vote.Save your rent…

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